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Your extra ⚡️ boost when biking away from the undead

Exhausted from bicycling away from zombies year after year? We understand the feeling! Enter…electric ⚡️powered HMP bikes!

New to downtown Davis, we suggest you visit owner/creator of HMP Bikes, Peter Zhu, at 440 F Street immediately! After all, who can afford to let a leg cramp after the 12 mile Davis Zombie Bike Ride hinder your progress with the undead horde right on your tail?

That's why our zombie bike ride committee members were thrilled when Zhu said "HMP Bikes are designed for life's journeys now and the road ahead. Get to where you want to go in confidence with an unbeatable warranty. This is our promise of quality built for life."

Built for life? Well during the Zombie Bike Ride Halloweekend festival we say "Built for the Living!" HMP Bikes go the extra mile so you don't have to. HMP Bikes is where excellence and power meet sustainability. Sustainable for the environment and sustainable for making it another year without being bit by one of the living dead. And that's the way you want to keep it 😅!

Want to join in the bike ride of your life? How about enjoying a skydiving grand finale where zombies literally fall from the sky? Does a downtown afterparty with fire dancers sound great? Ok then get in on the action and learn everything about the festival at


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