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About the Ride Organizers

Zombie Bike Ride Team Members

The Zombie Bike Ride is made possible thanks to the work of our dedicated team members who have a great love for non-profit charity work and celebrating community.

Dave Rosenberg
Committee Member

Lea Rosenberg.png

Lea Rosenberg
Committee Member

Aaron Wedra.jpg

Aaron Wedra
Committee Chair

Milly Volunteer Photo.png

Milly Judd
Marketing Committee

Maria Contreras Tebbutt.jpg

Maria Contreras Tebbutt
Committee Member

Mark Tebbutt.jpg

Mark Tebbutt
Zombie Ride Guide

Timothy Wilkinson.jpg

Timothy Wilkinson
Pro Photographer 

Rina Fuller.png

Rina Fuller
Pro Makeup Artist

Nicole Garcia.jpg

About the Davis Odd Fellows

Who We Are

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is an international organization with Lodges located around the globe. Nationally, there are Odd Fellow Lodges in all 50 states.

The Davis Lodge #169 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows has over 320 members, which almost equally consists of men and women and includes members who range from 18 to 81 years old. Our membership is open to humans of good character. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, faith, gender, sexual orientation, or economic standing. The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge is a big tent.

Our Lodge is the oldest continually operating entity in Davis, since it was chartered in 1870. Our current Lodge Hall is located in the heart of Downtown Davis at 415 Second Street. We are very active, with over 50 Lodge Committees covering the gamut of activities for members and for the community.

What Are the Requirements for Membership?

Odd Fellowship strictly forbids any interference with one’s religious or political opinions. In the Lodge, we don’t talk religion, politics, or business. The Odd Fellows Lodge Hall offers a respite from the craziness of life. It is a place to escape all of that and focus on friendship and fraternal enjoyment of life.


We hope members join to enjoy the active social experience we have to offer and to help the greater community of Davis and Yolo County.

We seek members who are of good moral character, who are loyal to their country, and who believe in a Supreme Being or a force in the universe which is greater than themselves. We want members who care about others and who will work to do good things for the community. Friendship, Love, and Truth are the foundation of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Learn more at

About the Bike Campaign

Our mission is to reduce car trips to school and workplaces, while increasing biking joy and safety. Maria Contreras Tebbutt, founded The Bike Campaign, along with its counterpart, The Bike Garage, in 2011 to help educate people about bicycling and encourage more people to ride their bikes. We work closely with city governments, county health departments, school districts, and community service groups.


Our Team

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable, all Bike Campaign and Bike Garage staff volunteer their time, including founder Maria Contreras Tebbutt. Every penny received is re-invested into our outreach and impact, not our overhead

How You Can Help

DONATE BIKES & EQUIPMENT such as helmets, locks, pumps and lights. 

A. Drop a serviceable donation at the Bike Garage during open hours.

B. Call (530.723.1125) for drop off location or for pick up service ($10)


Please bring your donations to The Bike Garage: 

At 1500 Cannery Avenue in Davis

OR First Street and Hays Street in Woodland


Hours: Wed 2-5pm & Sat 9am-12pm

Summer hours: Wed & Sat 9am-12pm

DONATE TIME – No experience needed.


Join Our Team of Volunteers. We need anyone who loves bikes, working on bikes, wants to be a Bike Buddy and help someone learn to ride around town or wants to be a Transportation Expert and help teach others how to get around without using a car.

DONATE FUNDS – We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Learn more or make a donation at

About Norcal Trykers

Helping kids with special needs become mobile by providing therapeutic tricycles

NorCal Trykers is a nonprofit organization created for the sole purpose of providing, at no cost, customized therapeutic tricycles to children with special needs. Our mission is to provide mobility, exercise, confidence and a sense of normalcy to the lives of worthy recipients in the greater Sacramento area of Northern California. NorCal Trykers is a chapter of National AMBUCS, Inc. which is located in North Carolina.

Each tryke is custom-made and custom-fit for the child's special need

The ability to ride a bike is often not a reality for children with physical or developmental challenges. Properly balanced and safely supported, almost any child can ride an Amtryke. They are designed to address the special and varied needs of any individual with disabilities. 

The opportunity to ride a tryke helps to build important physical and life skills

Proven to build motor skills, strength, and self esteem.

Trykes help kids be kids!

It is fun to ride and offers the child the chance for age appropriate inclusive play with peers and family.

Learn more at

Nicole Garcia
Makeup Artist

Bonnie Wolstoncroft.jpg

Bonnie Wolstoncroft
Logistics Committee

Michelle Weiss.jpeg

Michelle Weiss
Logistics Committee

Kevin Sitz.jpg

Kevin Sitz
Logistics Committee

Matthew Elliott.jpg

Matthew Elliott
Logistics Committee

Gayle Barry copy.jpg

Gayle Barry
Marketing Committee

Gabriella Engelhard.jpg

Gabriella Engelhard
Prize Committee

Findley McIntosh.jpg

Findlay McIntosh
Zombie Lab Assistant

Sheryl Cambron.jpg

Sheryl Cambron
Zombie Lab Assistant


David Siegel
Zombie Lab Assistant


Greg Tanner
Zombie Lab Assistant

Manish Parks.png

Manish Parks
Prize Committee

Darsie Fisk.jpg

Darsie Fisk
Zombie Ride Assistant

Dawn Student.jpg

Dawn Student
Zombie Lab Assistant

Sharon Halejpg.jpg

Sharon Hale
Zombie Lab Assistant

Laurie Wedra.JPG

Laurie Wedra
Zombie Ride Assistant

DJ Duc Jones.jpg

Duc Jones
Professional DJ

Gill Williams-B.jpg

Gill Williams
Founder Norcal Trykers

Owen Yancher.jpg

Owen Yancher
Pro Photographer


Diana & Zoe Wilkinson
Zombie Ride Assistants


Bonnie Walther
Zombie Ride Assistant

Christopher McCreary.jpg

Christopher McCreary
Professional Illustrator

Gary Eberle.jpg

Gary Eberle
Zombie Ride Assistant

Winston Jameson.png

Winston Jameson 
Zombie Bike Mechanic

Kristin Hannell.jpg

Kristin Hannell 
Zombie Ride Assistant

Korinne Labourdette.jpg

Korinne Labourdette
Marketing Professional


Anne Huber
Zombie Ride Guide

Terry Toy.jpg

Terry Toy
Zombie Ride Guide

Diane and John Steele.jpg

Diane Steele
Zombie Ride Assistant

Diane and John Steele.jpg

John Steele
Zombie Ride Assistant

Elizabeth Lasensky 2021.png

Elizabeth Lasensky
Zombie Ride Assistant

Peter Wagner.jpg

Peter Waggoner
Creator of Whymcycles

Dave Reed.jpg

Dave Reed
Zombie Ride Assistant

Paul Schmiegel.jpg

Paul Schmiegel
Zombie Ride Assistant

Diana Schmiegel.jpg

Diane Schmiegel
Zombie Ride Assistant

Charlene Sailer.jpg

Charlene Sailer
Zombie Ride Assistant


Howie Spero
Zombie Ride Assistant

Cindy Schneider.jpg

Cindy Schneider
Norcal Trykers Rep.

Ginger Joyce.jpg

Ginger Joyce
Norcal Trykers Rep.

Stevie and Connor Price.jpg

Stevie & Connor Price
Zombie Ride Assistants

Rika Matsuda.JPG

Rika Matsuda
Zombie Zumba Leader

Kathy Barker.jpg

Kathy Barker
Sac Zombie Club

Sean Davis.jpg

Sean Davis
Ride Guide


Dawn Coder
Zombie Ride Assistant

Alex Haider-Winnett.jpg

Alex Haider-Winnett
Zombie Ride Assistant

Christian Garcia.jpg

Christian Garcia
Zombie Ride Assistant

Cheryl Herman.jpg

Cheryl Herman
Norcal Trykers Rep.


Nan Klein
Zombie Ride Assistant

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