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Petrifying Painting by Petra and Makayla

Davis' premier art store, the Paint Chip, partners with the Zombie Bike Ride each year. Their staff of artists always take the opportunity to get creative during our town's zombification process, where we essentially turn Davis into a Halloween theme park!

Petra Silverman and Makayla Stump have wowed us before by creating a very large, human-sized frame for our previous year's Groanalisa tableaux. This year they've helped us with our marketing campaign by painting panels for our custom a-frame signs that will start popping up downtown and on UC Davis campus!

Meet Michael the zombie, on his rad new orange bike. He's shredding through the cemetery where the undead are rising up for this year's Zombie Bike Ride festival and getting into all sorts of trouble! If you ever need an artist to hire, our zombie team suggests walking into the Paintchip and seeing if their talented team might take you up on your project.

Exceeding their customers’ expectations is the goal of Maia and Brian Sturges, owners of The Paint Chip, 217 F St. in Davis, and the Zombie Bike Ride committee feels that our expectations have been exceeded yet again in 2022!

It's no wonder the Paint Chip is considered a world-class custom framing shop. They specialize in unique framing that includes shadowboxes, hand wrapped fabric mats and liners, canvas stretching, archival framing, as well as other creative options. Learn more about their Frame Shop, the custom framing they do, their ready-made and table-top frames, or take a peek at their past work all at!


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