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Musette Feeds the Hungry…Zombies!

The Zombie Bike Ride committee has been planning our epic bike ride for MANY MONTHS! First comes the logistics, then the fundraising, marketing, marketing and more planning on and on… We were getting tired… AND HUNGRY! Then comes at the 11th hour: When all of our volunteers and the Bike City Theatre Company Staff were exhausted and ready to return to their graves and forget about putting on any bike ride at all. "We were too hungry said one zombie volunteer. While trying to save Halloween for the entire community nobody had thought about our needs."

But then came our 11th hour MAJOR SPONSOR—Musette to the rescue! "We'd like to give a major financial contribution for the Zombie Bike Ride and feed all of your volunteers too" said Michael Raub, chef and company owner.

Musette agreed to create a custom lunch for all 50+ volunteers on the day of the bike ride during makeup and costume preparations. We've been told that our delicious Halloween day meal is to be made especially with zombies in mind, so something resembling brains is assured!

We are extremely grateful for Musette and their contribution and generosity.

On the company website the following message from co-owner Cynthia Raub is found that really sums up their mission and philanthropic sentiment:

"These are uncertain times where we as individuals and as a community, are being implored to take action to buoy our neighbors. We are all doing our part, in a myriad of different ways, for the greater good of our community and our world. Thank you for being a caring neighbor.

When things get overwhelming, Michael and I look for opportunities to help others and we cook. We hope we can ease a small burden from our neighbors by offering a dinner meal delivery service in Davis through the California Shelter in Place Order. As professional food handlers with decades of food service experience, we understand the critical importance of safe food handling, fastidious cleanliness and transparency. Every step from the acquisition of ingredients, preparation, cooking, packing and delivering will be handled by the two of us. This is to ensure the lowest possible contact for all during this vulnerable time. Let us take care of dinner so you can take care of yourself and the people you love.

—Cynthia and Michael Raub


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