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How to dodge the undead – Sponsored by Freewheeler Bicycle Center

A MOST URGENT UPDATE—Tomorrow our town as we know it will be overrun with goblins ghouls and monsters of all kinds, but more than any one creature local residents are sure to encounter small groups of zombies! And we need to tell you how you can avoid getting bitten and becoming another of their ranks! Staff at Freewheeler bicycles stumbled upon a fail-safe tactic for dodging the undead.

It's all about bicycle wheels—Zombies are completely mesmerized by them! Staff at Freewheeler Bicycle Center tell about when they were abruptly overrun by a small band of zombies in their downtown shop at 703 2nd Street in Davis. "The doors to our shop opened and we expected a customer, but when we heard multiple cries of "Brains… Brains…" we knew something was amiss.

Right through the doors stumbling toward staff the zombies entered. "We thought we were done for!" said a staff member, "but one of the zombies stumbled into a bicycle hoisted on a stand that we had been working on, and the bicycle wheel started spinning. Turns out that the zombies are completely overcome by bicycle wheels. The group of zombies all stopped and gave their attention to the spinning wheel. That's probably why they're so eager for bike parades and bike rides." suggested the staff member.

One of the bicycle shop team members reportedly got onto a bicycle and easily they lead the small band of zombies away.

That's the reason for this most urgent update! If you encounter a zombie this Halloween the simplest tactic for avoiding the simple creature is to flip a bicycle over, spin the wheel and walk away. We thank Freewheeler Bicycle Center for sponsoring the Zombie Bike Ride for 2020 and for this awesome life hack.

For more information on the Zombie Bike Ride and how to join visit


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