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Get Your Car Zombified: Join the Undead Cleanliness Revolution with Cable Car Wash

Hey Zombie friends! Davis' fifth annual Zombie Bike Ride is rolling into town this weekend, and it's going to be a DEADicated blast!

Our pals at Cable Car Wash are BACK from the dead, and they're bringing their spooktacular generosity to the party!

Cable Car Wash is not just your average car wash - they're unBOOlievable sponsors of the Zombie Bike Ride, and they'll have your ride looking so fresh and so clean, clean, it'll make those zombies look positively disheveled!

Here's what you need to know about Cable Car Wash:

They clean automobiles inside and outside, because zombies can make a mess both in and out!

For the interior, they vacuum, clean the windows, and wipe the dash - all without using any harsh chemicals! So your car will smell fresher than a graveyard full of roses!

For just a few dollars more, you can get extras like tire dressing, wheel cleaning, and vinyl treatment - because even zombies appreciate a little extra TLC.

And if you're feeling EXTRA fancy, they offer detailing services like shampooing, stain removal, hand waxing, buffing, and more, all available by appointment. Your car will be so stunning, it'll stop traffic (or the zombie horde).

So, don't be a ZOM-bie with a dirty car! Swing by Cable Car Wash, and let them bring your ride back to life before the undead party of the year!


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