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Dawn (Coder) of the Dead

These zombies sure have a strange way of saying "Thank You!" (BRAINS… BRAINS…) but that's certainly what they're saying to one or our wonderful sponsors, Coldwell Banker agent Dawn Coder, who is a leader of the undead, and also goes by "Dawn of the Dead" in this shout out after a popular hit zombie film that's been remade through the decades.

Dawn is one of our favorite sponsors without a doubt, because not only is she a talented, hardworking and generous community member, but she's also a Davis Odd Fellow and one of the crew.

Dawn and Carol Coder are both teammates at Coldwell Banker and we thank them both for being so involved with in the community and for liking and sharing our posts to promote the upcoming Zombie Bike Ride on October 31st from 12–3pm along the Davis Bike Loop.

Get ready for the FREE community Halloween bike ride now. Details at


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