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Bike Parade Rules:

This event is open to the public. Everyone can participate—Family friendly!


Bicycle Requirements:

• All bikes allowed. Trailers okay for carrying dogs, children etc.

• Bike can be electric. Jump Bikes ok.

• Helmets strongly encouraged and required for riders under 18.

• Must follow all city and state bike laws.

• One person per bike seat. No riding on pegs or handlebars.

• Must stay behind official leader/pacer and obey bike safety coordinators.

• Must start at the starting line & finish parade (unless it’s necessary to abandon parade).

• Must remain on bike from start to finish. No walking bikes.

• Children under 10 must be supervised.

• Families with small children can stay toward the back of the parade for an easier ride.


Zombie Requirements:

• Must say “brains” at start and finish.

• Must be wearing some kind of zombie makeup or mask. BE CREATIVE!!! But make sure to appear dead or risen from the dead.

• See our tips on becoming a zombie in 3 easy steps.


Makeup Minimum Requirements: 

• Marks of stitches or red blood.  


Masks Requirements:          

• Must appear risen from the dead (skulls, rotting flesh etc.) 


Encouraged Features:

• Torn or tattered clothes encouraged.

• Say “brains” throughout the parade.

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