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Becoming a Zombie: 3 Easy Steps

Makeup artist Nicole Garcia paint stitch marks on, soon to be zombie, Corina Carrera.


Joining the Zombie Bike Parade as one of the undead may seem like quite the undertaking, but don’t become undone with undue stress. Here’s how to get ready for the October 20th bike parade in under 60 minutes.

1) To achieve the look of a rough and tumble member of the walking dead, take a pair of scissors and cut holes in some old clothing. Start with just a few small and tasteful asymmetrical cuts into your garments, as you can always make more cuts later.

2) Decorate your bike. Take a look in your holiday storage for Halloween decorations. Real or fake chains can be wrapped around the body of your bicycle or the handlebars. Try draping cobwebs over your bicycle and throw in some plastic spiders. Do you have an older bike that doesn’t get used often? Great!! Purchasing a can or two of spray paint can be an affordable way to get truly jaw-dropping exclamations from your fellow paradegoers. Try spraying greens, silvers and other macabre colors.

3) The finishing touches—makeup! Purchase a makeup kit and watch Youtube videos for do-it-yourself zombie makeup ideas. Go all out or do simple stitch marks and lines of fake blood. Don’t have time or the zest for doing your own makeup, that’s fine—Come see us the morning of the Zombie Bike Parade and meet our faint-tastic makeup artist, 10 year old, Nicole Garcia.

For $2–$5 Garcia offers a variety of undead looks: voodoo doll, green and ghoulish, bike accident bleeding zombie, laboratory mutant zombie…you get the idea. Garcia says “All designs are kid-friendly and the dollar amount charged is based on the amount of makeup used so that the cost of supplies is covered.”

Garcia has been developing her face painting skills for a number of years, and shares, “I learned to face paint three years ago from Christina of, who I met at the Jelly Belly Factory in Vacaville, CA. I decided to offer my services at the Zombie Bike Parade because it sounds like a really cool event—See you all out there!"


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