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The Groanalisa… Resurrected

One of the most stupefying scenes of the Zombie Bike Ride each year just has to be the Groanalisa tableaux that riders can find tucked away in Davis' Village Homes neighborhood along the Davis Bike Loop.

Quaint and unsuspecting, yet completely unnerving. She always seems to be watching you. Ever wonder why?

This theatre tableaux, or moving picture, is the work of Bike City Theatre Company, in partnership with makeup artist Rina Fuller of Colorful Creations by Rina as well as the Paint Chip in Davis, and for 2021 the Groanalisa is getting an upgrade.

Maia and Brian Sturges, owners of Davis' downtown art store, agreed to create a new Halloween themed frame as a contribution to Davis Zombie Bike Ride, and their team member Petra implemented a new vision that is both gruesome and tasteful!

The Groanalisa is amazing, but it's only 1 of 10 zombie theatre acts on the Davis Bike Loop. Try to visit them all, or choose your favorites. For a schedule of performances and tableaux, visit

To see the entire Davis Bike Loop and locations of entertainment, bike mechanics, food and drink vendors and the location of Zombie Skydiving see

Have fun planning your own Halloween theme park experience. Hosts of the undead will be waiting for you and your family and friends! Visit


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