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A Hallmark Moment brought to you by Hallmark Properties!

Looking for an apartment with amazing amenities? Want to play (and probably win at) pool with a zombie? Next time you need a new home, remember your top choices at Hallmark Properties, where people are just dying to get in!

—Welcome Home!

Looking for an apartment in Davis? You'll be lucky to rent at any of the Hallmark communities which include:

Anderson Court Apartments The Drake and Anderson Court Apartments The Lexington Apartments • The Crossings Apartments • Willow Oak Villas

Lawson Youmans of Hallmark Properties is a major sponsor of the Zombie Bike Ride - DAVIS! Such sponsorships are necessary to put on our large 2 day festival, and Lawson and the team give funds necessary to put on our SkyDance SkyDiving grand finale, and have also sponsored a table at our Zombie Bike Ride Comedy Show / Fundraiser!

Look up our Halloweekend schedule, buy a commemorative glow-in-the-dark t-shirt or a ticket to the comedy show—All at


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