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z…OMMMM…bies at Barefoot Yoga Studio

Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Free. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Be Haunted. Be Hungry. Be Free. "Being undead is the journey of the reawakening of the self." –The Zombie Bike Ride Committee

Ever wonder what zombies feel inside? Perhaps it is a profound sense of peace, as evidenced by this zombie group at Barefoot Yoga Studio in Davis.

When zombies burst into the studio after one of Wai-Mei Yeung's early morning classes, Mei did not panic. Instead, she greeted them in the present moment and guided them to the studio's next chamber and began her second class of the day.

Soon after one could hear the chanting of "z…OMMMM…bie…z…OMMMM…bie…z…OMMMM…bie" in unison.

ZOMBIE BIKE RIDE: We are going to have a blast this Halloween on Sunday, October 31, from 12-3pm with a bike ride along the Davis Bike Loop... where riders will encounter ZOMBIES! Then from 3–3:15pm, we will have a grand finale complete with Skydance Skydiving's zombies skydivers coming down in Community Park, made possible by support from Lawson Youmans of Hallmark Properties and Mathias Klein of Klein Hardwood Flooring! The skydiving finale will be followed by our Zombie Mash afterparty from 3:30-5:30pm, put on by the Davis Downtown Business Association. Visit for details. 💚💚💚

We are grateful for our Zombie Bike Ride sponsor, Dawn Coder of Coldwell Banker who gave her zombie photo shoot, blog and social media package to Barefoot Yoga Studio. Dawn Coder is a huge supporter of the local community and small businesses, and we're grateful for her support of our event as well as of Barefoot Yoga Studio. And the yoga studio is amazing—we highly suggest YOU check them out!

Yoga for All: No matter where you are in your yoga journey, Barefoot Yoga Studio has classes to fit your needs. Check out Beginners, Kids, Prenatal class!

Strength Building: All of their yoga classes are built to improve muscular strength with focus on alignment and form to maximize the result.

Guided Meditation: They fully embrace the power of meditation! It has been proven to lower stress, increase self awareness, and improve sleep.

Inclusive Community: Their team of certified, experienced and caring teachers are there to support you on your journey no matter what your goals are.

Take advantage of classes that help you reach your physical and mental wellness goals.

Barefoot Yoga Studio classes include a thoughtful blend of physical fitness, meditation, breath work and mindfulness practices. Each student would feel energized, relaxed and balanced after class!


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