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Linda Deos—Ghoul with the most

Zombie Bike Parade photo shoot


Anytime a crowd is gathering, whether living or undead, there’s a good chance Linda Deos will be included. From frequenting the Davis Farmer’s Market, to strolling the Davis Downtown’s monthly Art About, and yes, even to gathering with the horde for an official Zombie Bike Parade photo shoot, she’ll be there.

When asked by the Zombie Bike Parade chair, Aaron Wedra, if she had time to show up the morning of September 8th dressed like a zombie to take photos to help promote the event, Deos didn’t hesitate. She was happy to be included and also to become an official event sponsor, explaining “First of all, the money is going to a great cause, funding the creation of tricycles for children with special needs, so it was an honor to sponsor this event. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun, and I definitely plan to be there on October 20th.” She hopes to see a big turnout and urges the community to “come out and enjoy the ride, get into the spirit of the event and be a little silly.“ Learn more at

Deos has participated in bike events over the years including several charity AIDS Rides. Deos shares “As a Davis resident, I am proud to say that I lean into our biking culture. I definitely bike around town. I have a regular commuter bike, and I also got one of the very first Copenhagen Wheel bikes so I can cheat a bit but still get out and about.”

And “out and about” may be an understatement when taking a glance at Deos’ Fall calendar. She will be attending a CASA fundraiser at the end of September and hosting a watch party in her home for the very first LGBT focused Presidential Forum on October 10th. Deos will also be attending some community Oktoberfest events, a Halloween block party, and be volunteering at the Davis Odd Fellows Chocolate Festival on November 3rd.

One of Deos’ primary messages is “Get involved locally. I know we are all so busy, but even a small amount of time can make a big difference.” To wrap up the month of November she invites friends to celebrate fellowshipping on her birthday, sharing that “Thanksgiving this year happens to fall on my birthday, but we plan to do as always and host an Orphan Thanksgiving for friends, family and strangers.”


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