Bike Ride Rules:
This ride is open to the public. Everyone can participate—Family friendly!

There are NO ADMISSION FEES. This is a FREE community ride.


There is no starting point or finish line for the bike ride. Riders can hop on the Davis Bike Loop at any location and choose to ride in either direction: clockwise or counterclockwise. Professional zombie actors will be roaming from 12pm–3pm on Saturday, October 31st. 

HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!! Learn about our costume contest and prizes here. Please be mindful that your costume cannot get caught on the bicycle while pedaling.

Safety First:

• We are practicing social distancing. 

• Face masks are required except for children under the age of 2 or other rare cases when a mask would pose a risk.

• When not actively riding your bike, do not obstruct the bike path

• Adhere to all social distancing markings and signage

• If there is already a large number of riders at a given area, wait in the distance for the crowd to lessen before approaching.

Bicycle Requirements:

• All bikes allowed. Trailers okay for carrying dogs, children etc.

• Bike can be electric or electric assist.

• Helmets strongly encouraged and required for riders under 18.

• Must follow all city and state bike laws.

• One person per bike seat. No riding on pegs or handlebars.

• Children under 10 must be supervised.

Cyclists with Music-01.png

Mobile Halloween Music is Highly Encouraged!!